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JoKer Booklet Feeder

Synchronous, precise angled booklet feeding.

 • Speed: Up to 80 m/min

 • New and improved PLC control system

 • Minimum Size: 100 x 30 mm

 • Maximum Size: 320 x 350 mm

 • Visual display of faults on the touchscreen

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Due to short fitting times and its modular design, the machine can also be used economically for jobs with smaller and medium-sized batches. Due to modern control engineering, high precision is achieved even at high outputs, thereby allowing very narrow separation spacings to be run. With the innovative belt tensioning system it is possible to accommodate belt lengths from 1410 mm - 1600 mm; the spacings can be accordingly selected on the respective booklets. The booklets are inserted into the vertical cartridge of the servo feeder. On the face side, the JoKer Servo friction feeder feeds the products continuously and reliably to the studded conveyor belt (booklet module). The products, e.g. booklets, lenticular foils, blanks, etc. are aligned with angular precision there. Separation of the studded belts is adjusted to the respective length of the product. The innovative belt tensioning system allows for almost all separation spacings. The studded conveyor belt is equipped with a knife-edge transfer system, allowing the products to be precisely transferred onto the carrier web. A product-detection sensor or a camera for booklet inspection can also be attached to the studded conveyor belt. Finishing processes such as inkjet or Braille printing are also possible.


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