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JoKer Folding

Inline dispensing of folded cover sheets

 • Speed: Up to 150 m/min

 • Integrated PLC control system

 • Minimum Size: 100 x 150 mm

 • Maximum Size: 350 x 800 mm

 • Product Magazine: 300 mm

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The system can be used to reliably process a large number of cover sheets. With the help of the integrated pneumatic folding unit, the desired distance to the front edge can be folded and dispensed with the exact position using the JoKer servo. The print of the cover page is legible both on the front and back. The folding can be flexibly adjusted via the PLC control and can also be deactivated for simple dispensing without folding. The feeder reliably separates the cover sheet. In the outlet extension of the feeder, the already isolated cover sheet is folded using the integrated pneumatic folding unit and can then be dispensed onto the product in one pass.


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