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JoKer Labelling

Labelling or marking on the friction feeder's exit.

 • Integrated labelling system

 • Speed: Up to 50 m/min

 • Product Thickness: 0 - 10mm

 • Minimum Size: 50 x 50 mm

 • Maximum Size: 350 x 320 mm

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With the feeder's special design, using an ink jet system, a labelling machine, a thermal transfer printer or a similar finishing system, finishing can take place inline in the feeder's run-out extension to the processing machine, where the product has already been separated and available, or offline as an independent module. The feeder separates the blister cards or folding boxes reliably. The labelling machine labels the product in the exit extension as it runs through. The run-out extension is specially designed to allow it to be integrated into the labelling machine with ease. Because of the separated top belt, product can be marked wherever desired without the use of a costly vacuum conveyor. Labelled product is transferred to the scaled run-out conveyor and can then be removed manually. With the realized solution, economic product finishing is possible with ease in offline mode. An ink jet system can also be integrated in place of the labelling machine.


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