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Kraus Collator

Collating of various products with inline transfer.

 • Speed: Up to 120 cycles/min

 • Minimum Size: 100 x 150 mm

 • Maximum Size: 300 x 350 mm

 • Integrated PLC control system

 • 3-4 feeder stations, expandable without limits.

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The machine's short tooling times and modular design make it versatile and economic to use. The contiguous carrier line can be extended and also equipped with several feeders and processing machines (such as labelling machines). Thanks to a special frame, the feeder at station 2 can be moved to any desired position directly above the line The feeder's robust design makes it possible to lift it by its sides and push it, like a labelling machine, over the collator. This also provides many possibilities for other processing machines. The frame is also available in an electric height-adjustable mode. The JoKer-slide feeder, located on the face side, feeds the products reliably onto the collator's studded conveyor. The products, such as folding boxes, print products, books, magazines and other flat products, are aligned at precisely the required angle. The collator can work both in cycle mode and in continuous mode. An address sheet is fed onto the magazine over the Joker friction feeder at the second station.


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